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HCG Recipes

HCG recipes plays a vital role during the HCG diet period as dieter need to take low calorie diet during the maintenance phase. You can buy B12 injections through internet and even from pharmacies and drugs section in super stores. This vitamin shots are administered under the skin or in muscle Studies and researches suggests that vitamin B12 is able to burn fat into calories if taken along with HCG weight loss hormone. But before undergoing the shots, you need to consult with a physician who will determine the daily dosage. 500 calorie diet along with correct HCG dosage need to be maintained during the 2nd phase of HCG Diet period

Order B12 Injections For Weight Loss But Read These Facts First

  • The most important function of Vitamin B12 is that it triggers metabolism. It burns the fat stored in abdomen, buttock, hips, thighs, arm and waist.
  • B12 injection is available in wide range online. Overweight vegans can take B12 injections to get a toned figure in few days.
  • B12 is also called energy vitamin. After the administration of the shots a dieter naturally feels energetic and wants to workout. These activities burn the extra pounds of your body.

If you want to get rid off flabs and bulges go for homeopathic HCG sub-lingual drops that are effective and healthy. The drops don’t have any side effects like shots, pills and sprays. The homeopathic drops don’t have any expiry date. The painless drops are administered under the tongue. A grown up individual can take 10 to 15 sub lingual drops at a time, 30 minutes after a very low calorie diet. That means, a dieter needs to take 30 to 48 drops along with 500 calories in a whole day to shed 1-3 lbs in just 24 hours. You can purchase the inexpensive HCG diet drops online and over the counter drug stores. HCG Diet Canada is one of the biggest wholesalers and manufacturers who supply HCG drops to the Canadian customers according to their requirement.

HCG Injections

What are the truths about the HCG Injections? With this plan, are there any negative consequences that could harm your health? These questions are hot and now all depends on what method the HCG diet is used. For example, you take HCG hormones through injections or you can implement the system of oral drops HCG. People often buy HCG Injections in order to lose body weight but there are certain side effects such as nausea, headache, blotting and muscle cramps which play a vital role in reducing extra pounds quickly.

The use of HCG injection is the first technique. This procedure is not painful. Simoens Mr. and testing with HCG injections and safe for use with the weight loss system. The injections are given for the daily supervision of your doctor. But some people eat to perform the procedure at home without the supervision of your doctor. So in this case, we can see that there are problems with the HCG injection process. Moreover, the injections were confirmed blood clot that causes in some diet. Injection may even lead to blood pressure in some people. Doing this is not a good situation for people who lose weight with this diet.

HCG drops are getting popular among the obese people nowadays as they are losing significant amount of weight which is 1 lbs per day. HCG recipes plays a vital role in maintaining low calorie diet during the maintenance phase of HCG diet. HCG drops contain major ingredients such as b12 vitamin, cell salts and HCG which plays a vital role in reducing extra pounds quickly. Some people have misconception that HCG drops have side effects. HCG itself is naturally occuring hormone which is produced in women during the first trimester of their pregnancy.

So, although there are some negative effects of HCG injections, which must be done safely if they are controlled by a food expert. Dieters should be extremely careful in the choice of this plan. Oral HCG drops are safer than injections as it is painless and safe to use. It need to be administered under the tongue without any supervision of medical expert. One can buy hcg drops from over the counter medical stores without any prescription.

Oral drops are enough to put 15 drops under the tongue for 30 seconds. The HCG diet should take 20 minutes before eating. With this system, nutrition, diet does not have to use the shot and should not have dangerous side effects. With oral drops, food will take a lower dose of the hormone HCG. With the controlled amount of the HCG diet has been compromised. Oral drops do not have a negative impact on our health. Though HCG diet is homeopathic in nature and do not have any side effects, it is always recommended to consult a physician before getting started with the diet.